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Music with 5 Senses. Bringing classical music to schools with virtual reality 

The mission: Train highly-talented musicians for their professional careers.

Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía, Fundación Banco Santander and ONE Digital Consulting, bring classical music to schools with Virtual Reality.

The Reina Sofía School of Music has launched the "Concerts for Schoolchildren" cycle, which seeks to create and train new audiences for classical music, which will take place throughout the years 2021 and 2022, and it has adapted to the complex sanitary measures imposed by Covid-19. 

The Project

The Reina Sofía School of Music has launched several projects that go beyond its usual training activity to bring its educational work to new audiences. The listening and practice of music unites through values such as commitment, perseverance, leadership and collaboration, which are essential for life and coexistence.

Through the experience “Music with 5 Senses”, young students became familiar with the artistic and musical creation of great composers in history through a virtual reality experience in which they were immersed in a series of educational videos performed by the School's Camerata Viesgo : “Mozart is Lost in the Night” (with Mozart's Little Nocturnal Serenade), “Dancing with the Ear” (with Respighi's Ancient Arias and Dances) and “Serenading with Tchaikovsky” (with Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings ).

Our goal is to turn this project into a new way of learning through experience, not a one time activity. 

Classroom integration, the immersive experience as a supplement (not a replacement) for the class.

The Challenge

The challenge is to bring this experience to all the schools of the Spanish geography, with a special focus on the rural areas. Where they have fewer resources and access to new technologies. 

An immersive educational experience in VR to bring classical music closer to schoolchildren through discovery from the heart of an orchestra. The participants become actors of the experience, provoking engagement by applying a videogame like narrative.

From the original recordings of the concert in 360º, with several cameras and ambisonic microphones, an immersive, dynamic an innovative narrative for young people has been created. So that through this experience, they will discover the keys to understand and analyze the works, the instruments and the feelings that are reflected in them. 

Carlos Ochoa, director and producer of the film, an expert in virtual reality applied to education, and Fernando Palacios, screenwriter and narrator, composer and music educator, have participated in its production.

The Solution

Music with 5 Senses, is one of the biggest and most complex challenges ONE has faced in recent years. Being one of the most innovative, rewarding, and satisfying experiences of which we really feel very proud.

A 4K immersive film, composed of 4 stories and 13 chapters about classical music, art, and the senses.

A production of 6 intense months of work, with the participation of more than 50 professionals, more than 2,000 hours of production and development, and more than 100 hours of recording in 20 different locations.

Technologies and production software: 4K and 8K 360º cameras, Zoom ambisonic recording equipment, drones, reconstruction of palaces and 3d objects, Unreal Engine, Blender, Adobe Premiere Pro, Tracktion, Bosse, and Pico 4K G2 Enterprise VR devices.

The experience has been presented at international events, RTVE, and has already toured several schools in Spain with more than 1,000 students and a satisfaction level > 95%.

Vocational Training Digitization Campaign. Innovation service and teachers training program

The Ministry of Education and Employment, through the Teacher Training and Innovation Service and the General Directorate of Vocational Training, has launched the Digitalization Training Campaign in online format, aimed at Vocational Training teachers and teachers from other specialties that are currently teaching in Vocational Training. 

A project co-financed by the European Commission within the NextGenerationUE program

The Project

New skills development for more complex jobs. Technicians must be proficient and continue to train quickly as tasks become more sophisticated. 

By creating new advanced digitized ecosystems, engineers can always have quick access to all information, to make fast and complex decisions. 

The digitization project, aims to train teachers in the new skills required in each one of the fields of application and professional development. 

In this area of competence, a training itinerary has been developed, where those technologies that focus on industrial manufacturing converge. Including robotics, 3d printing and VR/AR in education and vocational training.

The Challenge

The primary purpose of any vocational education and training system is to develop sufficient people with the right skills to meet labour market demands. 

All vocational education and training systems face the challenge of matching the skills, knowledge and attitudes of the students of the system to the needs of employment - the labour market.

The main targets of the program are:

Increase teachers comfort level with the content and process of the educational program. Expand the repertoire of methods, tools and actions for delivering the educational program. Improve teachers confidence in using interactive teaching methods, tools and actions.

The Solution

To carry out this digital training plan, a comprehensive solution has been developed based on: 

Moodle platform for content management, forums, monitoring and evaluation of activities.

Zoom synchronous meetings, for virtual classes.

FrameVR immersive platform, for workshops and practical sessions. The Frame.VR environment was developed specifically for this project. 

Action-based learning, allows students to be at the center of the learning process, experimenting with real-life problems, seeking the best practices and solutions that best adapt to each context.

More than 150 teachers in 4 online sessions, and 2 months of practice in immersive workshops.

Trainining the next generation of Teachers In XR. Virtual and Augmented Reality will change the way of educating

The power of immersive technologies has been reflected in a very positive way in those organizations that have been able to pivot and quickly adapt to this new context. From the incorporation of immersive collaborative environments, to the synchronous interconnection of teachers and students, through the reinvention of collaborative spaces, workshops, congresses and virtual exhibitions, capable of bringing together thousands of attendees from all over the world in the same virtual place, it is the new real scene. 

The Project

Many companies, organizations, universities and large corporations have definitely opted for immersive technologies as a method of training their teams, to adapt their skills to the new mission. 

This new scenario has highlighted, once again, the need to accelerate changes in organizations, to achieve more dynamic structures, adaptable to new times, and with the ability to work from anywhere, at any time with different multicultural teams working on collaborative networks.

The Challenge

Teachers play a main role in this transformation process: The success of and Immersive Learning initiative, demands the engagement of a team of reputable, seasoned and qualified professionals and methodologies guaranteeing the fulfillment of all targets of the project.

Our Teachers Training Program, is a key success factor for the implementation of a XR project, including workshops, seminars and community support.

Over the last few years, we collaborated with organizations and institutions from Europe, Latam, India, USA, UAE, Russia as well as VRARA, Educators in VR, iLRN, MiranosYUnete...

The Solution

During the period 2019-2021, we helped more than 1.000 teachers to learn XR Technologies adapted to this new scenario. Developing activities in which students face real-life problems by identifying ways and means of solving them.

We teach teachers to create working groups dynamics, designing and analyzing the problem and solution according to the capabilities of each one. Create your own content and adapt it to the context, storytelling, and visualize them.

Complex concepts can be understood in a simpler and contextualized way. Seeking the interaction of the problem with its application in the real world. 

Magical and Mystery tour around Cultural Heritage. A journey beyond imagination

Europe’s rich cultural heritage is a perpetual source of inspiration, innovation and creation, benefitting the economy and society.

EU cultural heritage is an intrinsic part of our shared European values and cultural diversity which are the foundation of our European identity.

This is why we need to preserve it. And in order to preserve it, we need to help ensure that our European heritage is fully embedded in the Digital Decade.

The Project

Less than 20% of the collections at EU museums, galleries or libraries are digitised. The situation is even more dramatic for sites and monuments.

Its objective is to accelerate the digital transformation of cultural heritage assets, in education, tourism or cultural and creative sectors.

By 2030, EU wants all monuments and sites at risk, and at least 50% of the most visited ones, to be digitised in 3D.

The Challenge

We must take advantage of the opportunities brought by artificial intelligence, data, and extended reality. To preserve our cultural heritage in the long run, and to provide more immersive experiences to European citizens.  

Extended reality, in particular, holds many opportunities for all sectors to seize, in education, culture, tourism or retail. The market value and jobs created by the European extended reality industry are expected to double by 2025. 

Europe has many strengths already thanks to its large cultural diversity and highly skilled professionals in 3D modelling and content creation for games and animations.

The Solution

One has been working for many years developing historical heritage reconstruction projects in 3d, interactive virtual tours, virtual worlds, 360º videos. Islamic Kunka, Renaissance Soria, Roman Leon, are just some of the reference’s projects developed in Virtual Reality. 

With Magical and Mystery Tour, ONE made an extraordinary advance, by integrating these visual experiences, with music, and other creative arts, in an innovative immersive platform. In which sensory perception becomes a high value emotional factor. Magical and Mystery Tour around Islamic Cuenca, was reconstructed from a new immersive storytelling, allowing the visitor to travel beyond imagination. 

The Alhambra of Granada will be ready for 2022

Jobs for Tech. Vocational education and training and jobs for a technological and virtual future in Europe. 

The demand of the companies in the sector, with respect to their future workers, is that they have social skills and competencies such as leadership, motivation, perseverance, flexibility, communication, etc. Focusing on the development of skills and abilities aimed at a specific sector, in this case the virtual reality subsector, ensures its better assimilation, greater effectiveness of training and a more complete response to what companies demand in profiles of these characteristics. Vocational Training includes subjects oriented to career guidance and orientation, but they lack a transversal skills development approach, and these are not addressed directly in the itineraries.

The Project

New technologies are an emerging industry creating employment opportunities and entrepreneurial possibilities. 

According to projections set out by the European Commission, market demands for qualified information and communications technology (ICT) specialists will not be met, seeing a shortfall of up to 900,000 ICT professionals in 2025. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality products are amongst those with some of the highest market demand in the ICT sector.

The Challenge

The general objective of JOBS4TECH is to align Vocational Training (VET) with the needs of the labour market in the new technologies sector, and specifically in virtual and augmented reality, to improve the employability of its students.

In the life of the project, professors from the technological area and their students have experienced an integrated itinerary in the field of VR&AR , which contemplates in a coordinated way both the teaching of technical skills and the necessary competencies for work as an employee or self in this sector.

The Solution

One has been involved in several mayor phases of the project. From the methodological and pedagogical advice and consultancy of the program, to the design, development and implementation of the training program in VR/AR. 

This pioneer program, has consisted of the development of six learning modules, where technical content has been integrated with soft skills. The training methodology has been developed to be taught in class by teachers and replicated in their countries of origin (Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Spain) and in the rest of Europe. 

The workshops have been carried out with Oculus Rift, HTC and Samsung Gear VR devices and Unreal, Blender and Pinnacle 360 composer development tools.

Ministry of Education of UAE. Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program.

The Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program offers a modern way of teaching through the integration of technology to the education system to establish a unique learning environment in schools through the introduction of ‘Smart Classes’ under which students utilise smart devices as means of acquiring knowledge. The initiative also includes specialised training programmes for teachers and the introduction of new curricula to serve its purpose.

The Project

Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education and the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in cooperation with the UAE Prime Minister's office.

The initiative aims to create a solid and integrated Smart Learning initiatives that actively involves teachers, students as well as parents to enhance the learning experience.

The Challenge

The Smart Learning Program offers a modern way of teaching through the integration of technology to the education system. It has been recognized as one of the most innovative education programs worldwide. 

Smart Interactive eContents:  Interactive ebooks, smart learning objects.

Smart  Education Labs: Virtual & Augmented reality apps and STEAM advanced contents.

The Solution

ONE has implemented the Smart Education Labs using "cutting edge technology". Including the development and implementation of Smart Interactive Digital Content for 12 Learning Resource Centers, as well as VR /AR technology, including apps for pcs, tablets and smartphones.

Centers are equipped with VR & AR devices,  3D printers, 3D projectors, interactive screens, advanced interactive apps and the teacher's training program.


The European Asylum Support Office (EASO)

The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) is an operational regulatory agency set up in Malta with a mandate to strengthen Member States' practical cooperation on asylum, support Member States whose asylum systems are under particular pressure and enhance the implementation of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). 

EASO provides training and develops training materials in support of the promotion of quality and harmonization in the area of asylum.

The Project

The main objective of EASO’s Training Curriculum is for it to be used by national asylum authorities across the EU. 

It can be used as a permanent tool to assist Member States in establishing a training framework for their personnel who works in the field of asylum or to complement their existing national training structures by means of high quality and commonly developed training material.

The Challenge

Make a consistent training in a multicultural context

Make complex analysis on training data for reporting to European Commission

Implement a blended learning methodology, enabling both theoretical and practical approaches to training. And development of high quality training material, based on a set of interactive modules

The Solution

The EASO Training Curriculum, relies on a “blended learning scenario”. The e-learning part  is based on in the Amazon Cloud. 

The Italdata-ONE partnership solution included complex analysis on training data and for stringent data security requirements for the LMS, as well as multilingual interactive content and mini games development. 

Including migration, QA and PM services.

Spanish Government (Ministry of Education & Industry) “Internet at School and School 2.0” 

Program developed by the Ministries of Education, Culture and Sports and Science and Technology, with the aim of promoting the use of new technologies in the Spanish educational system and which included actions co-financed between the Central Administration and the Autonomous Communities. 

ONE have been partnering with providing advisory and consultancy services in "Smart Digital Education and Internationalization".

The Project

Providing educational centers and public schools with new infrastructures and digital contents.

Including broadband Internet connections, network infrastructure, development of computer applications and educational software, development, design, and dissemination of educational content, adaptation of curricula to enhance knowledge and the use of ICT and teacher training programs.

The Challenge

Design, development and implementation of several Innovative Projects for the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Autonomous Regions of the Spanish state.

To design and develop smart digital content and advanced multimedia resources for schools, specifying and defining materials, methods, procedures, standards, Scorm/ LMS, etc…

The Solution

Area of responsibility: Consultancy, authoring, design, development and implementation of 1.000 digital educational content aimed at primary and secondary. 

These content and educational resources materialize in developing "Smart Learning Content" multilingual matters relating to: Languages ​​(French, English), Information Technology, Geography, Environmental Education and Special Educational Needs.

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