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¿Qué se lleva esta temporada? ¿Cuáles son los atuendos más demandados? ¿Qué must have se han de tener en el armario? Encontrará respuesta a éstas y muchas más preguntas en Cole Daren. Nosotros podemos ofrecerle todo lo que busca. Disponemos de una gran selección de marcas y prendas de diseño.
Visite nuestra filial en Madrid y eche un vistazo a nuestra colección. Podemos asesorarle y ayudarle a encontrar su propio estilo.

Virtual Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies can be used to place users in a real world or virtual situation, playing an active role in proceedings through various task and scenarios they will need to interact. Situations and outcomes will dinamically change, depending on the users input and this will keep them active and engaged throughout the experience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be used to construct new understanding based on interactions with virtual objects that bring data to life. Learning is about to become more interactive, more fun, and more social. AR not only changes the environment around the childrens, it also allows users to construct their own exciting learning worlds, as small as the atom or as big as the cosmos.


Tradicional educational materials fail to inspire and engage further learning with most students as it forces them into a form of memory testing rather than retaining knowledge though practices and experience. Thanks to new technologies, students can immerse in a virtual lab environment where can experiment and play with different tools without any risk (chemistry, physics, sciences…).



Welcome to SmartEducationLabs  for Smart Citizens of the 21th. Century

Imagine for a moment a Journey to the Future and the time machine stops in 2030....

I see "Smart Education Labs" forecasting disruptive innovative services and solutions on new technologies based on continuous tracking and trend analysis of global technological developments. Put into the context of education, information and communication technologies roadmap and enriched with the vision of technology leaders and business innovators. Smart Education Labs will provide support in the definition and assessment of future digital education scenarios and subsequent innovation paths. With our global network of selected partners, further development and technology implementation can be successfully provided. Innovation is a key success factor in our business strategy and the soul of our global and disruptive vision.

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