Transforming lives through Reimagining Immersive Education

Albert Einstein 

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the world.

Terry Heick 

Education is a System, Teaching is an Action, & Learning is a Process.

21st. Century Skills 

If we wish to prepare a generation of citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders for the 21st. Century who can face real-world problems, we must give them real-world problems to solve.

Education of the Future

Virtual Reality can be used for visual and highly interactive forms of learning 

Smart Education Labs apply great benefits for Augmented Education: empowering teachers through advanced methodologies, and experimental learning scenarios, improving students’ engagement with immersive experiences.

Education of the Future initiative, allow teachers and students to go far beyond the imagination and share real-lifeexperiences accelerating and enhancing the learning process.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education

Reimagining Augmented Education 

Using Immersive technologies, we can place students in the center of a real-world or a virtual situation with an active role in the project, through various tasks they will need to complete. Situations and outcomes will dynamically change depending on the student's input and this will keep them active and engaged throughout the process. 

Teachers can use these unparalleled learning experiences to build student mental models and understanding of STEAM ideas with the equipment, connections, and infrastructures already in their classrooms and at home.

Reimagining Industry Transformation 

New skills development for more complex jobs. Technicians need to be proficient and continue to change rapidly as tasks become more sophisticated. Creating new advanced digitalized ecosystems, engineers may have fast access to all information in every single moment, to take fast and complex decisions. 

XR technology is the most efficient and fastest way to educate new employees and prepare them for their daily work. On the other hand, thanks to XR, digital information, and other convergence technologies, technicians can focus on their core competencies, providing real value to their job. Eliminating routine and repetitive tasks enables them significantly increase productivity.

Immersive Reality 

In this XR ecosystem, students will face real-life problems with actions-based learning, prefaced with advanced immersive methods on process fundamentals. The most efficient and fastest way to educate students and prepare them to be the best future citizens and leaders.

The future of “Immersive Learning” will probably have to deal with other emerging technologies, like AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Robotics, or MetaEducation.

Learning is becoming more interactive, more social, creative, and fun. Specifically in the way that “new advanced technologies and methodologies” will improve and accelerate the learning curve and teaching processes with XR.

Expertise and Knowledge Base

Technology Strategy & Advisory Services
Advanced Immersive Experiences


Internet in the Classroom 

Smart Learning Program

Jobs for Tech. UE program

Magical and Mystery Tour

INnvestion Lite

Music 5 Senses

Key Benefits of XR in Education
Source VRARA Education Committee


Experiential learning

Encourages creativity


Increase retention

Increase network learning


More focus and engage

Primary focus STEAM

Our value-added services and recognized experience 

More than two decades of experience on digital educational world allows us to have a innovative vision to anticipate our customers needs. We and our network of partners understand the education sector and needs. So we are able to provide added knowledge to the whole business value chain.

Our leading and certified methodology covers the whole business process: from strategic consultancy, professional advisory, to project management, integration, implementation, and quality assurance. Our training team works closely with our customers to ensure a high level of user acceptance and rapid roll-out.




INnvestion Lite

The digital twin platform impacting Industry 4.0. 

Improve your technical skills, accelerate your profesional training and business performance, with exponential value, and cutting training cost with Immersive Interactive Simulators.



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